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Knowledge is arguably the most powerful asset humans possess, so we’ve been working to develop resources that provide convenient education for all LinenMaster partners:

  1. LinenMaster Master Classes
    1. Easy access webinars designed to teach clients how to harness the power of our software, learn more about product features, and engage with LinenMaster experts.
  2. Knowledge Base
    1. On-demand access to hundreds of digestible articles to use for educational or troubleshooting purposes, all located in our Knowledge Library on our website.
  3. Blog
    1. Stay engaged with current events, exciting announcements, information about resources, and much more! Our blog is also easily locatable on our website.
  4. Update Emails and Information
    1. We are sending regular update summaries to inform clients of recent fixes, improvements, and changes to ensure updates are smooth and simple.

We believe equipping the LinenMaster family (clients and staff alike) with knowledge is not only a priority, but a necessity for success! Feel free to reach out to our stellar support team to request assistance with additional education and training at any time.

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” -John Naisbitt


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