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What is better than a SaaS software customer support team who are experts in their field? The answer: SaaS software customer service experts who also understand the industry they serve.

We’ve sourced a savvy team of LinenMaster experts with the ability to empathize with day-to-day needs of your laundry operations. They have worked in plants, consulted for the industry, and share a love for what brings us all together – laundry!

The third component of the “triple threat” we’ve yet to address is arguably the most important ingredient of a masterfully crafted support expert at LinenMaster, and it is none other than PASSION.

Our team is driven by a passion for the success of our clients, passion for genuinely caring about those we partner with, and a passion to succeed together for the betterment of the laundry industry overall.

They say, “good things come in threes”, and with our successful three-ingredient recipe for a masterful support experience, we can’t say we disagree.


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