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Respected laundry experts

At LinenMaster, our leadership team features top software industry professionals, as well as respected laundry experts, for a combined level of knowledge and insight that sets us apart and puts us ahead when it comes to linen management innovation.

Sarah Sinclair

Sarah Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer, spearheads strategic initiatives to foster company growth and perpetuate superior business relationships.

Sarah has an extensive background in leading successful organizations and creating innovative sales, customer service, and marketing techniques in the laundry industry. Prior to finding her "home" in laundry, Sarah specialized in driving customer satisfaction, employee retention, and overall organizational growth in the hospitality industry for more than ten years. Her leadership in streamlining business solutions, solving complex issues, and excellence in communication provide a strong foundation to nurture meaningful partnerships.

Sarah has also led multiple organizations in receiving industry-related awards and recognition, including the TRSA Above and Beyond Service Award in 2020 and 2022.

Sarah is passionate about helping others and thrives on maximizing ROI for clients through personalized business solutions. Her overall love of people and the laundry industry keeps her motivated to exceed expectations at all times.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys visiting local Assisted Living homes with her dog Charlie, hosting holiday gatherings, cooking, and traveling.

Brandy Molina

Assistant Controller

Brandy Molina joins the LinenMaster team as Assistant Controller, assisting in the management of the financial operations of the organization.

Brandy possesses a BS in accounting as well as over eighteen years’ experience in the accounting field, particularly the service industry. She was an integral part in building a small business in Silicon Valley into a mid-market enterprise through her expertise and ability to adapt to a changing environment and demands. She has a keen sense for cost accounting and is energized to put that and her other skill sets to use to help in the growth and continued success of LinenMaster.

In her off-time, you will find Brandy enjoying her family, friends, fur babies and all things live music.

Scott Stuart

Scott Stuart, CISSP

Director of Information Security

Scott Stuart, Director of Information Security, establishes and administers the overall strategies and procedures for information security.

Since 2004, Scott has been with LinenMaster working in the following areas: Help Desk, Quality Assurance, Management, Operations, Human Resources, and Information Security.

As the leader of the ISMS team since 2015, Scott oversees company-wide compliance in certifications like ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CMMC, and is a CISSP-certified professional.

Scott has built strong relationships with hundreds of clients from initial setup, doing special project work, and SQL database functions. He is always willing to take on a challenge and keep with the company values to pitch in and help to get the job done right.

Outside of work, Scott is a father of two wild and energetic boys, enjoys time outside in the woods and on the coast, collects movies and video games, and is slowly building a small home arcade.

Becky York

Becky York

Help Desk Manager

Rebecca York, Help Desk Manager, manages our Help Desk Technical Support and is focused on helping our team grow and serve our customers with excellence.

Becky has been with LinenMaster for 12 years and brings 4 additional years of software technical support and project management with her.

Becky Graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Science while establishing her career in software. She enjoys solving problems with her wealth of software and laundry experience and thrives on building strong relationships between the LinenMaster support team and our customers.

In her free time, Becky enjoys her family, travel, and crafts as well as volunteering in her local community. She looks forward to visiting the world as her son explores the globe with the United States Air Force.

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Diane Orban

Director of Information Technology

Diane Orban, Director of Information Technology, is responsible for configuring, maintaining and monitoring technical operations for LinenMaster, LLC.

Diane has been with the company for 17 years. Prior to that, she spent 5 years managing a team of computer support technicians for a large retailer in Maine and 17 years as a manager/director in various distribution facilities for a major retailer in New York.

Diane graduated from Lock Haven University with a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Media Studies. She also received a Computer Science certification from Penn State University.

Diane has a deep understanding of many aspects of the organization, having contributed in various roles throughout her years with the company. She loves technology and the challenges it presents and is inquisitive and eager to learn new aspects of the industry. Diane is extremely detail oriented and obtains deep satisfaction from contributing to the success of the organization.

When not working, Diane enjoys cooking and spending time with her two Cocker Spaniels.

Jim Adler

Jim Adler

Director of Software Development

Jim Adler, Director of Software Development, manages the development and maintenance of the software business logic.

Jim brings 35 years of software development experience and has been the principle architect of the LinenMaster and LinenHelper systems from their inceptions.

Jim is motivated by understanding customers’ unique needs and integrating them into a common platform and solution. He graduated cum laude from the Syracuse University College of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

Jim enjoys indoor and outdoor skydiving. He is a member of the International Body Flight Association and US Parachute Association.

Jeff Osia

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Osia, Chief Technology Officer, creates solutions by partnering with businesses, vendors and contractors while collaborating with customers to define and deliver new products to market.

Jeff has a passion for solving problems and providing efficient solutions with over 25 years of application development experience in a variety of technical environments and business domains.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He volunteers as the manager of the JavaScript group on LinkedIn and has had his ideas on how to improve performance of ASP.NET applications published by Redgate.

Jeff enjoys traveling with his wife, hiking, gardening and DIY projects.

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Darleen Capen

Systems Analyst

Darleen Capen, Systems Analyst, handles testing of LinenMaster applications. Along with making changes needed for forms, she can often be found helping folks get various interfaces to LinenMaster up and running.

Darleen has been with LinenMaster for ten years. Prior to that, she spent 20 years obtaining experience in all phases of software development from business analysis and quality assurance, to managing small development teams.

Darleen is laser focused on the quality of releases and often finds things that even boggle the developers.

In her spare time, Darleen enjoys reading and doing genealogy.

Doug DeWitt

Douglas DeWitt

Project Manager

Doug DeWitt, Project Manager, helps customers and prospects understand the best way to use the LinenMaster tools to improve their processes and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Doug’s nearly 40 years in the industry includes the family-owned single plant to the multi-plant publicly traded company environment. He began using LinenMaster in 2001 and managed the implementation in his company’s 22 plants. Doug joined LinenMaster in 2008 and has helped dozens of laundries transition to LinenMaster. He loves to see all the different ways people ‘do laundry’, and excited to help continue improving the way LinenMaster helps them do it better.

Doug earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial administration from Kettering University and an MBA from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has formal training and experience with both Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. He is skilled at applying software solutions to everyday business challenges.

Doug enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time with his 6 grandkids, camping and woodworking.

Whitney Franklin

Client Success Manager

Whitney Franklin, Client Success Manager, assists with developing and growing our prospective customer base as well as the stewardship of our current clients through a combination of marketing, activation, and relationship building efforts.

Whitney joins our team with over fifteen years in the hospitality industry, having experience in catering, events, and hotels, along with work in the association and nonprofit sectors. Her love of people – communicating with them, connecting with them, and providing them what they need before they even know they need it – has made her successful working with a variety of clientele from all walks of life. Her clients acknowledge and appreciate her follow-up, attention to detail, professionalism, drive, and ability to put their minds at ease.

Outside of work, Whitney loves making memories with her husband Jason, baby boy Shep, and five rescue pets (four dogs and a cat!), volunteering her time with local animal welfare groups, and cooking while sipping on a good glass of vino.

Kathy Dial

Kathy Dial

Accounting Assistant

Kathy Dial, Customer Service Assistant, handles in-bound calls for technical support and inquiries, as well as quotes, ordering, invoicing, and accounts receivable for client purchases and software.

Kathy has been with the company for five years. Prior to that, she spent 15 years in all aspects of customer service and administrative support in the large retail Operations sector.

Kathy is experienced in providing support on many levels. She has a solid understanding of the inner workings of the company in-order to assist customers with their needs. She is proactive and detail-focused, and has a strong commitment to individual, team, and company success.

Kathy enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and spending time with family.

Mark Eidsness

Mark Eidsness

Quality Assurance Analyst

Mark Eidsness, Quality Assurance Analyst, assists both internal and external clients in his role with us. He has been with LinenMaster for seven years and enjoys problem solving with clients.

Mark has over twenty years of experience with order and inventory systems development and management. He has been at the heart of success for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer companies of all sizes. He also spent almost fifteen years working in online marketing and website development – including as an entrepreneur. Raised in the Midwest, educated on the West Coast, Mark has been in Maine since the mid-1990s. Mark lives quietly with his wife and children on the coast of Maine.

Lauren Grosso

Lauren Grosso

Implementation Lead

Lauren Grosso, Implementation Lead, joined LinenMaster in September 2019, with over 15 years of robust customer service experience. She has worked in data analysis and customer support with both domestic and international clients. Lauren is always eager to help customers with their problem-solving challenges. She has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Michael’s College, where she was an editor for the college newspaper. She is using her writing and editing skills to help the company build out its offerings of documentation for clients.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys music (listening, singing and trivia), cooking, and being an auntie. She loves game shows and home improvement shows. Her dream is to someday be on a game show.

Sarah Dekker Cooper

Sarah Dekker-Cooper

Senior Help Desk Analyst

Sarah Dekker-Cooper, Help Desk Analyst, supports customers in their use of all LinenMaster products. Sarah has a medical assistant degree with honors and has been with LinenMaster for over 4 years. Prior to joining the team, Sarah originally found her calling in laundry by working in a healthcare laundry for 14 years.

Sarah's genuine passion for the industry and wealth of laundry experience has allowed her to work with customers to maximize their use of the system from a knowledgeable, and well-grounded perspective. Whatever the specific need, Sarah gets excited about working with our relationships on how to best use LinenMaster's tools as their businesses grow and evolve.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling with her husband, reading, keeping up with her children and her dogs. She is also an unapologetic coffee connoisseur and proud Navy Mom.

Indrek Neville

Help Desk Analyst

Indrek Neville, Help Desk Analyst, assists in diagnosing and resolving client incident reports pertaining to LinenMaster products.

Indrek brings several years of work experience in the software technical support role to the company, as well as education in programming and business. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Vermont. He is passionate about building strong relationships with others and strives to help clients find the best possible solution every time while maintaining a demeanor of utmost professionalism.

In his spare time, Indrek enjoys mountain biking, skiing, boating, visiting family, and all things espresso.

Wendy Whitaker

Help Desk Analyst

Wendy Whitaker, Help Desk Analyst, has fifteen years of experience in working with LinenMaster and in the laundry industry.

Prior to joining the LinenMaster team, Wendy was the Senior Data Analyst for one of the fastest growing laundry companies in the US. She assisted with developing internal software and was a key leader in the overall growth of the organization. Wendy’s laundry and LinenMaster experience equip her to serve her passion, which is helping clients.

In her free time Wendy loves to go to her family’s lake house, listen to music, and have a good time with family and friends. She has one Stepson, three dog and loves to travel.

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Neta Gray

Help Desk Analyst

Noah Henry

Junior Software Engineer

Noah Henry, Junior Software Engineer, designs and maintains software solutions alongside his fellow engineers to meet industry needs.

Noah graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from Auburn University. His prior experience focuses on web development, and the problem solving that comes along with it.

Outside of work, Noah enjoys playing tabletop games with friends and hiking.

Dan Adzhiyev

Junior Software Engineer

Dan Adzhiyev, Junior Software Engineer, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bellevue College in 2020. Before joining LinenMaster he worked as an incident management support engineer providing analysis and assistance for issues occurring in the production environment.

Dan grew up, and currently lives, in the Seattle area. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and playing the drums.

Jared Godinez

Junior Software Engineer

Jared Godinez, Junior Software Engineer, assists in developing software that can be utilized as optimal solutions for businesses, organizations, and clients.

Jared has had an interest in technology and computers since childhood. Having grown up with technology while also living nearby the Silicon Valley, Jared’s background and passion for technology has led him to pursue a career in software engineering. He strives to help improve industries across the world with his work.

Jared received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University in 2021. While pursuing his degree, Jared learned a wide range of technologies, from database management to operating systems. Jared continues to develop applications to gain expertise in technologies for web development and Cloud services.

Jared loves to travel and explore nature by going on hikes and camping. He enjoys cooking and learning new ways to cook with different cuisines. Jared also enjoys learning about music while also practicing instruments like the piano and violin.

LineMaster Bio

Jason Cordis

Junior Software Engineer

Jason Cordis, Junior Software Engineer, strives to build efficient and up-to-date software for LinenMaster customers. Jason believes that LinenMaster’s core values of Customer Focus and Teamwork are essential in order to solve problems and create innovative solutions in tech.

Jason grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in 2022.

Outside of software engineering, Jason also has experience in video production and has worked on television shows and independent films. When he is not working, Jason loves to read and play with his dog, Gizmo.

Jerremi Shoemaker

Business Development Representative

Jerremi Shoemaker, Business Development Representative, supports clients by finding the best solutions to fit their business. Identifies prospective clients to help solve pain points by providing solutions recommended to streamline processes and maximize ROI.

Jerremi brings five years of experience in B2B sales identifying opportunities for business growth and optimizing market strategies. He specializes in monitoring streams of revenue to identify areas of growth, profitability and strengthening client retention.

Outside of work Jerremi enjoys an active lifestyle, boating, and gardening.

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