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LinenMaster Payments

Streamline the Way You Collect & Receive Payments

A simple and electronic solution to bill your customers and collect revenue.

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Information is displayed, such as the invoice number, sender and recipient details, and status of the invoice.
Get a detailed view of the items listed for payment.
Customers have the option to pay using either a credit card or through ACH.

LinenMaster Payments offers a convenient and secure solution to collect payments electronically, so you can get paid faster, increase your revenue, and reduce administrative overhead and expenses. It’s more than just paying bills; it’s about enhancing your overall customer experience by ensuring the payment process is as simple and seamless as possible. 

Popular Features


Safe, Secure, and PCI Compliant

Fully encrypted and PCI Compliant, the payment industry’s highest level of protection.

Accept Multiple Methods of Payment with Ease

All major credit cards or ACH payments are accepted and processed in minutes.

Daily Deposits & Transaction Reporting

Receive daily deposits and email updates that reconcile and report the status of invoice payments.

Manage Refunds & Reversals

Seamlessly manage refunds or reversals directly in the platform.

Flexible Transaction Fees

Have the flexibility to incur or pass on credit card or ACH fees.

Superb Tech Support

Get fast and reliable support from the company you already trust.

Get the right solution to empower your business.

Say goodbye to financial frustration and long waits for your hard-earned money.​

LinenMaster Payments FAQs

What currencies are accepted?

  • The payments platform accepts both USD and CAD.

How often will I see deposits in my bank accounts?

  • Deposits will happen each business day when there is a batch to settle.

What are the fees and how does pricing work?

  • Please schedule a call with us today to discuss pricing and fees.

Can I issue refunds through the payments platform?

  • You can process refunds, voids, reversals, and other various actions within the platform.

What are the processing times for ACH & Credit Cards?

  • Standard transfer delivery times is 2 business days for transactions that happened before the batch close time, 5PM. For example, transactions that occurred on Monday would be delivered on Wednesday.

Bill Customers and Collect Payments With Ease

Get paid faster, increase your revenue, and grow your business with LinenMaster Payments.

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