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Healthcare cubicle curtains are one of the most often touched surfaces (classified as high-touch by the CDC) in a patient room. Other high-touch surfaces include doorknobs, light switches, and bed rails, but not only are cubicle curtains touched often, they are usually touched for a variety of reasons – and some are not as sanitary as flipping a light switch.

The growing demand for better cubicle curtain compliance inspired our team to innovate a one of a kind tool to effectively manage and maintain cubicle curtains within specific facility and general recommended guidelines. CurtainMaster (launching in Q3 2021) is a straightforward but powerful tool designed to:

Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections: More frequent and regulated curtain changeouts.

Maintain Compliance: Provides compliance with health and safety requirements reducing hospital acquired infections.

Provide Asset Tracking: Protects product investment (optimal ROI for reusable and disposable curtains).

Minimize Errors: Streamlines processes to minimize human error and scanning errors.

Simplify Processes at a Low Cost: Mitigates hardware costs with cutting edge mobile device scanning and application solutions (Apple iOS and Android compatible).

Provide Full Use Cycle Transparency: gives you the power to see where your curtains are at all times and all locations

Synchronize Operations: Synchronize curtain replacement with room changes

Unlock Powerful Reporting Leveraging Your Data: Reconciliation, benchmarking, compliance, utilization and loss reporting

The CDC recommends monthly maintenance under normal circumstances, and more often for special situations (such as the transfer of precaution patients). Partner with LinenMaster to leverage the power  of CurtainMaster today!



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