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Have you ever called someone from a pay phone, waited five minutes to connect to dial-up internet, or printed pages of directions for a road trip? If so, you likely remember the day you got a cell phone and the way that little (or at the time, maybe huge) handheld device changed your life forever.

Now you can forget about printing those directions – just use your favorite navigation app to guide your journey. Even better, ask Siri to open the app and tell her where you want to go. Nowadays it is also common to pull over to take a break from your drive and to relax and catch-up on social media (or maybe check on the status of your Amazon delivery, how convenient!). Want to take a moment to check-in on your laundry? Even that is now a possibility – all from the palm of your hand.

The evolution of mobile devices has significantly increased the demand for “on-the-go” resources and LinenMaster continues to innovate convenient solutions to equip our clients with cutting edge technology. Our cloud-based SaaS offerings allow clients using any part of the LinenMaster suite of products to access data from anywhere with internet (or cell reception). Our powerful but simple mobile applications empower users to view and manage data, enter and change data (such as inventories), capture client signatures from anywhere, track trucks, map routes, and even perform scanning functions… now that’s a far cry from dial-up internet! Whether you are a driver capturing live customer signatures at a restaurant, a manager signing for a large healthcare delivery, or someone adjusting on-hand counts, LinenMaster’s mobile solutions have you covered.

Learn more about the convenience of accessing data from anywhere (home, the production floor, while taking a break from a drive) with LinenMaster by contacting our team today!



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