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LinenMaster joins forces with Live Chat to enhance support super powers

Live Chat means exactly what it sounds like, which is the ability to connect with a LinenMaster Support expert online. Can you just call us? Yes. Can you submit a support request? Sure! But Live Chat enables our team to provide internal resources and connect you to specific analysts more efficiently.

As if knowing what it’s like to make a phone call from a noisy production floor wasn’t motivation enough for adding Live Chat to our website, research shows most people enjoy the ability to work on other tasks while receiving online support. Most also appreciate being able to review conversations for details and accessing resources (such as Knowledge Library articles) directly from the Live Chat window while being assisted. Additionally, you can reach us via Chat from your cell phone when accessing a desktop is not a convenient option.

Chat participants can provide immediate feedback so we can collect data related to client satisfaction, popular support topics, preferred solutions, and response times.

Our end game is to provide nothing less than prompt, efficient (and friendly… sometimes humorous) service, so we are excited to leverage Live Chat to deliver premium client experiences one chat at time.



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