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Good labor has always been hard to find but it has become even harder to gain and retain capable FTEs in today’s environment. How can you increase efficiency, save time while protecting current resources, and streamline processes in a way that eliminates the need for additional labor? Consider adding or changing your linen management software – one you can implement quickly and effectively even if you have minimal experience with technology. 

Just a few of the most popular automated features LinenMaster clients benefit from are as follows: 

  1. Automatically record soil by weight or piece. The counts are instantly recorded in your LinenMaster software when weighed, and a quick scan of the cart identifies the cart, tare weight, and net weight instantaneously. 
  1. Generate automatic invoices by weight or piece for your customers. Invoices can even be set-up to send automatically, and you can customize settings for charges/notifications per client. This is stress and paper-free! 
  1. Equip drivers with handheld devices to allow mobile signatures. Clients can sign on the spot, and receipts can be emailed automatically to reduce the use of paper and save your staff from the need to create manual receipts. Our general route management offerings also provide substantial automation with features including the ability to record route times, track stops, provide GPS assistance, and drag and drop capabilities for deliveries/orders from route to route. 
  1. Empower clients to place orders and manage their accounts via an online web portal they can access independently. You can even adjust portal access and privileges per client! Not only does this prevent you from spending valuable time deciphering messy spreadsheets and faxes, but it mitigates emergency phone calls and saves paper as well. 
  1. Take advantage of connectivity by integrating LinenMaster with your other systems. We offer hundreds of integrations to connect your current technology (such as RFID, automated sorting systems, software used to determine PPOH, accounting systems, CRMs, and much more) to streamline processes. We also offer custom integration packages for those who require more complex and automated connections. 

While there are many time-saving benefits gained with the use of LinenMaster, we created tools to help you determine time and labor savings firsthand with our live Savings Calculators. Click here to determine your potential savings within sixty seconds or less. Discover even more about the benefits of LinenMaster by scheduling a brief discovery call with a one of our sales experts today.  



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