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The LinenMaster bone is connected to the…knee bone?

Not quite, but LinenMaster does connect with LinenHelper and CurtainMaster to streamline use across our product offerings. All LinenMaster products can also be used independently – providing flexibility for how our software best serves your needs is a top priority for our clients.

Here is more about how this works:

Beyond connectivity within our product line, we also provide ample connectivity and accessibility to our systems by leveraging being cloud-based.

Being “in the cloud” creates the ability to access LinenMaster, LinenHelper, and Curtain Master from anywhere with internet (from your phone, computer, tablet, and more)! This level of access provides ultimate flexibility when accessing your data while traveling or managing in the middle of all the action on the floor.

We also provide easy-to-use cell phone applications that connect directly to our systems to allow additional opportunities to enter data, track items, and make changes on the fly.

At the end of the day, we know convenience is king. Our goal is to provide the ultimate streamlined experience for transparency between you and your business. Being able to connect to software is valuable, but the ability to connect with flexibility is priceless.



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