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How University of Utah Hospital Combats Curtain Infection Control with CurtainMaster



Hospitals struggle with curtain management and infection control, facing challenges in cleaning, logistics, contamination risks, and inefficient curtain tracking.



CurtainMaster provides the University of Utah Hospital with a list of dynamic, efficient solutions for curtain usage tracking and cleaning management.



CurtainMaster revolutionizes privacy curtain management at The University of Utah Hospital, enhancing healthcare facility operations for patients and staff.

Case Studies

How University of Utah Hospital Combats Curtain Infection Control with CurtainMaster

The Challenge:

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is paramount in healthcare facilities. Privacy cubicle curtains, although frequently overlooked, are essential components that can harbor harmful bacteria and pathogens. This case study explores the success story of how University of Utah Hospital revolutionizes their curtain management through the implementation of the CurtainMaster program.

University of Utah Hospital system, in Salt Lake City, UT, is home to over 1,000 board certified physicians and 8,000 staff members across five hospitals and 11 neighborhood health centers. They’re currently using CurtainMaster in one of the hospitals with plans to expand.

The Solution:
CurtainMaster Program

The CurtainMaster software offers an innovative solution to University of Utah Hospital’s curtain management challenges. It introduced a comprehensive and efficient method for tracking curtain usage and managing curtain cleaning.

Efficient Curtain Tracking

CurtainMaster enables staff to use their smartphones to quickly scan and record the placement of privacy curtains, a process that takes only a few seconds. This real-time tracking allows for immediate data collection, reducing the chances of curtains going unnoticed for extended periods.

Automated Dashboard Reports

Hospital supervisors receive automated dashboard reports detailing which curtains in their respective areas are due for cleaning. This proactive approach enables them to plan for the workload, ensuring timely cleaning and minimizing potential infection spread.

Laundry Department Coordination

The program also enables seamless coordination with the laundry department. By notifying them of the number of curtains to expect, the laundry workload can be efficiently managed, resulting in quicker turnaround times for cleaned curtains.

Curtain Loss Prevention

One of the significant achievements of their utilization of the CurtainMaster program was the decrease of curtain loss issues. By accurately tracking which curtains are washed on-site and which are sent out for commercial laundry, the hospital is able to maintain full control over its inventory.

Compliance Monitoring

CurtainMaster’s monthly dashboard reports provide management with a comprehensive overview of compliance levels. This instant insight into the status of curtain management ensured that the healthcare facility maintained high hygiene standards. Management can also conduct deeper dives into areas of concern with just a few clicks, making it easier to address specific issues promptly.

Expanding the Program

The success of the CurtainMaster program led to its expansion. While the initial focus was on privacy curtains, the hospital is now implementing the tracking of shower curtains as well. This expansion demonstrates the scalability and adaptability of the program to meet the evolving needs of the facility.


The CurtainMaster program has transformed the way privacy curtains are managed in the University of Utah Hospital. Linda Rayne, Business Services Manager, explains “When it comes to organizing the cleaning of privacy curtains in our hospital system, the CurtainMaster program is a game changer.” The program exceeds their expectations and was easy to set up and is very efficient in tracking curtain usage. Its efficiency, automation, and real-time tracking have significantly improved hygienic practices, streamlined workflows, and enhanced overall patient safety. This case study highlights how the CurtainMaster solution can revolutionize even the most overlooked aspects of healthcare facility management, ultimately benefiting both patients and staff.


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