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In the ever-evolving laundry industry, staying on top of your game requires more than just offering essential services. It calls for an in-depth understanding of industry intricacies and an unwavering commitment to customer care. LinenMaster exemplifies this marriage between industry expertise and seamless customer service. Here’s how LinenMaster combines industry experience with customer care:

Grounded in Experience

As a laundry management solutions leader, LinenMaster’s credibility is deeply rooted in its rich industry experience. Our support team includes laundry experts who have walked in our clients’ shoes. Mixing our laundry and software efforts and keeping a keen eye on the evolving industry trends and challenges, LinenMaster ensures its software is always on the cutting edge. Our unique combination of expertise offers laundry businesses the solution they need to succeed, because it’s built by laundry experts, used by laundry experts, and innovated by laundry experts.

Stepping up Customer Care

In the world of software, customer care goes beyond addressing immediate needs; it is about offering continual support and fostering meaningful relationships. LinenMaster takes this concept to heart, positioning customer support as a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Support doesn’t end after installation. We offer round-the-clock customer support that swiftly addresses any issues, and operations continue without a hitch. From troubleshooting software problems to navigating new features, LinenMaster’s customer support team is always ready to assist. We also offer an implementation team entirely separate from our support team, whose sole focus is on implementing software and onboarding new clients. LinenMaster invests in continuous customer training to ensure that businesses harness the full potential of their software. By educating users about the software’s features and best practices, LinenMaster empowers companies to optimize their operations and drive growth.

On top of a roll-out, timeline, and fully mapped-out process, our approach continues to prove successful for clients transitioning from other software providers. This shows how LinenMaster combines industry experience with customer care.

Continuous Innovation Rooted in Feedback

A steadfast approach to innovation underscores our customer care. The best insights often come from those on the ground — the customers. We actively seek feedback and use it to refine and upgrade our services to evolve and meet your needs. LinenMaster demonstrates an ongoing commitment to customer success with dynamic software that propels laundry businesses forward. Our commitment is demonstrated by being consecutive two-year recipients of the TRSA Above and Beyond Service Award. This award recognizes an individual service rep, team of service people, or an entire company for exceptional attention to customer needs.

LinenMaster is Your #1 Service 

We show a deep understanding of industry needs in a competitive business landscape, and our customer-focused approach is the winning formula. Our world-class operational and accounting software, backed by a passionate commitment to customer care, makes us the trusted ally for laundry businesses worldwide. 

Our immeasurable value comes from exceptional service, and we show how LinenMaster combines industry experience with customer care. Call us today at (772) 212-2710, or email us to learn more about our products and services!



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